Cogito ergo sum Michiel Heijmans

Michiel Heijmans
Michiel Heijmans

This is my website. I’m Michiel Heijmans and I surf the internet at Yoast BV.

Our business is optimizing websites, large and small, by doing a website review of your website. No matter what your business is, or where you are located, I’m sure we can find numerous things to improve.

I live in a mid-sized town called Wijchen with my wife Esther and two (sometimes) lovely daughters Puck and Linde.

Started blogging in 2001, switched from bullsh*t to celebs to business and internet and decided to create some shelf space for my thoughts on this website. I don’t think my posts will be mind-blowing or matter more than good food, but if they make you smile now and then, you will know I certainly had fun writing them ;-)

Next to this website, I am fortunate to have my SEO / UX oriented scribbles published on and Search Engine Journal.


PS Work in progress (always), partly dutch website, default WordPress theme. Indeed. And yes, I cogito way too much.